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Fallout Shelter

If you know what this means and you knew where one was near your home or work then you are also probably familiar with the Atom Bomb proof school desk. 

It also tells your age.


Charlene said...

I had a discussion with a friend one time about what to do if we are attacked by nuclear weapons. We're just north of Ft. Knox and that is considered a target in some minds. My friend said take what you need and drive north, and if the roads are packed, walk north.

I figure if I know a bomb is going to hit within 50 miles of me, I'll just find a comfortable place to sit and relax until I'm gone.

Editor I said...

See post above this one - get a bomb proof desk. In the old days I lived in the heart of the steel producing area of the nation which today is in some other country. today's target would be the financial controlling sectors. A better prime target would be the major food producing regions. Small radioactive dust clouds would kill crops for years and/or provide a poisonous crop from that soil. Crap - now I'm getting depressed thoughtsfrom that.

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